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In business they say that it's "who you know” that determines the speed and magnitude of success. EXO was formed to simplify the process of developing, sharing and leveraging influential executive relationships. You won’t find vendors, sponsors or speakers at our events, just other employed executive leaders making great things happen and looking to connect with you to see how to help each other.

EXO is putting vendors on notice – we are taking back our right to network. At EXO events you can rest assured that everyone at the table is a valuable executive contact. No job hunting or vendor pitches, just business leaders of significant companies (over $5 million in annual revenue) looking to make new connections and find ways to help each other. LinkedIn is great—but wouldn’t you like to actually "know” those executives personally and have a real discussion? There's a simple way to make that happen—and it will happen at the EXO lunch this month. Will you be there?

The TOP 5 things you WON’T see at an EXO event
  • A vendor pitch you have to listen to before you can eat lunch
  • Lunch sponsor logos everywhere hoping to guilt you into buying their product/service
  • A speaker addressing a topic of minimal interest, when what you really want to do is talk to the people next to you
  • A room full of unemployed people hoping to give you a resume
  • A massage therapist and real estate agent at your table asking you for some "leads”
What you CAN expect to see at an EXO Event
  • A room full of Sr. Business leaders of significant-sized companies
  • A facilitated approach to learning about each other, what you are working on, and how you can help each other with executive contacts, market intelligence, access to deal flow, etc.
  • A level of informality that allows the conversation to naturally arrive at the real issues that need to be discussed—rather than a pre-set agenda
  • A goal of building and leveraging real business relationships rather than listening to another speaker
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