Working With Executives and Leadership Teams to Create High-Trust, Collaborative Environments to Align Your Vision with Your People

Increase Organizational Efficiency, Make Better Decisions & Purposefully Work Toward A Common Vision With Accountability to be Better, Together


This is An Executive Team Experience

It's time for you and your team to experience an Executive Offsite like no other!! One that will have a lasting effect on your team... and your organization.

Be Better as a Leadership Team

Most of your team is caught up in the day-to-day and it's difficult to step back and think about how to show up better as a team... to each other as well as the rest of the organization. Can you afford to take the time out? The real question is can you afford not to?

Develop Trust

That crazy little thing called trust is always coming up. Trust will make your organization run more smoothly. Lack of trust will cost you time, energy, real dollars. Getting offsite with the team is a good start to work on trust. But it doesn't stop there. We go deep on what's behind the trust - or lack thereof - and identify what needs to change.

Break Down Silos and Improve Communication

Let's get to the heart of your challenges. More than likely, your team is operating in silos. It's politics, communications issues, insecurity all wrapped up into one nice dysfunctional team. And this dysfunction is hindering your team from true productivity and performance.

"We showed up as individuals. We left as a team!"


Once we've identified the ultimate goal, Molly Wendell puts together the formula to accomplish it. She structures the plan based on the outcomes you desire.

These events are more like workshops, team huddles, exercises, solving problems. All. Day. Long.

You might be thinking... well, I could do this. 

Here's why you don't want you or someone from your team facilitating it.

  • you're too close with your opinions
  • it's tough to facilitate objectively or participate from the front of the room
  • you have a bias already of how it should be done

If you have yourself or someone on your team facilitate your retreat.... well, you just took out one of the critical participants. That's not helping your team be better together!


Less Projectors. More Post-its.

How about everything? Everything makes it different. The approach. The agenda. The activities.
Most importantly, you accomplish what you set out to and even more than you expect.

And, you have a plan of how to continue the conversation when you return back to the office.

You'll have more trust.
You'll have more accountability.
You'll have more camaraderie.
You'll have more fun!


What does the day-to-day look like?

Well, it depends. It depends on what your team needs.
Here's what we won't do... sit in a windowless room and look at PowerPoint presentations all day.
We come together and assess the issues.
Then, we'll break off into teams. Regroup. Debrief. Do activities... activities that will achieve the result. And you'll be having so much fun in the process, you won't even realize you're completing so much work!
Again, there's no one formula for how these are structured.
But you will accomplish more than you ever imagined. And you'll walk away as a leadership team operating better together than you did before.

Every executive team is different. Every retreat is different.


If you're not traveling a few hours (either by car or airplane... preferably by plane), you're not far enough away from the day-to-day.



Stagnant Location Equals Stagnant Ideas

You might find us sitting by the pool discussing how we can grow the business. 

Most of the time, we divide into teams and figure out how to solve specific issues.

Where do the teams work? Wherever they find the most inspiration at the location. Sometimes it's a quiet space in another room, sometimes it's the pool. And... sometimes, it's even on the walk back through the city.

Your team doesn't need more content. Your team needs time and space to think. Your team needs to get away from the day-to-day to build a better tomorrow.



Let's Talk About Your Next Executive Offsite

Reach out and let's brainstorm some ideas that will turn your next offsite into one that is memorable because it was amazing AND effective!

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