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It used to be that the first thing you did when you were out of work is updated your resume. What's more important today is to have an updated LinkedIn Profile.

But where do you begin? Should it be an exact copy of your resume? Should you start sending invitations to everyone you've ever met? Well, probably not.

You need to be strategic about your LinkedIn Profile. You need to look at it not simply in a manner of who can you find, but rather who can find you. And, most importantly, you need to ensure that your LinkedIn strategy transcends this particular job search. But where do you begin?

With the LinkedIn Power Pak, naturally!


Here's What You'll Get

The LinkedIn Power Pak has everything you need to create an accurate representation of the brand you want to be, quickly!

The LinkedIn Power Pak includes a 6-month subscription access to the following:

  • All About LinkedIn [Video]  Where do you even begin? In the Video, you’ll get an overview of what should to be on your LinkedIn Profile… and what shouldn’t.
  • LinkedIn For Job Seekers [How-To Guide]  What do you do with employment gaps? Which positions should you go deep on? How do you show consulting work? What about those positions that didn’t last very long? The in-depth LinkedIn For Job Seekers How-To Guide tells you exactly what you need to do, what to put on it (and what not to put on it), and probably most importantly, how to leverage it to enable the right people to find you. This comprehensive How-To Guide alone is worth the price of the entire Power Pak.
  • Your Brand Definition [Worksheet]  How do you want people to remember you? The Brand Definition Worksheet will help you determine the key words that say exactly who you are. These words are what will go on your business card, your resume, and your LinkedIn Profile. These words should, and will, follow you around like your own shadow. With this Worksheet, figuring out who you are has never easier.

With this LinkedIn Power Pak, you’ll be able to complete your Profile in no time. And it will not only be a good Profile, but a great one!

How will you know it's great? You'll be found by the right people. You'll be in the game for the right opportunities.

Order your LinkedIn Power Pak Today! 

If you already purchased The Executive Job Search Program, the LinkedIn Power Pak is already INCLUDED.

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