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About The Meetings
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About the Executives Network | Workgroup

A Couple of Hours That Just Might Change Your Life...The Executives Network | Workgroup Experience

Meetings are a fundamental element of doing business in corporate America. An entire discipline of developing and presenting an effective meeting has evolved in the workplace for the express purpose of keeping executives effective, and awake.


We’ve thrown that book out the window. At Executives Network, our meetings are about nothing short of changing your life. Our goal is to connect you with someone who will help you land the job you are looking for.


Like no meeting you’ve ever attended.


An Executives Network | Workgroup has its share of social exchange, but very soon the chit-chat yields to the mission at hand. Our meetings are moderated by experienced professionals who completely understand why you are there. We employ a proven protocol, and most of all, we drive toward a common purpose. Everyone is there for the same reason, and we get right to it with an effective and powerful approach that will ultimately empower your job search.


Welcoming remarks are kept to a minimum, and then we get right to the point. Or, as we like to think of it in a literal sense, down to business.


You will be asked to introduce yourself and tell the group a bit about your career path and what you are seeking in a new position.


You will listen to others do the same. And as you do, you just might think of something – an opening, a lead, a reference, a strategy – that could help them find the opportunity they are looking for.


You will be given an opportunity to exchange information with those in attendance who heard something in your personal presentation that they believe will assist you in the job search process.


You will also be given an opportunity to enlist in our A List Premier Membership program. With that, you’ll be able to increase dramatically the number of people who can help you in your job search. If you were amazed at the help you received from the people in the meeting room, imagine how easy it is to increase your odds of finding the right lead by accessing the thousands of members in our database, who are there to help you do just that. As an A List Member, you may also participate in affiliate programs and job search workshops and forums.