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Emergenetics Assessment
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Measuring Brain Fit - The Emergenetics Assessment

A perfect brain is a perfect team.  Does your team have a perfect brain?

Because "fit” is so critical to the team, Executives Network utilizes the Emergenetics assessment tool. This assessment is taken by the Hiring Manager as well as the final candidates. It’s important to understand that no single profile is perfect for any specific position.

After running organizations and experiencing many different assessment tools, the team at Executives Network narrowed down the field to what’s really useful on an on-going basis. Oftentimes, tools focus primarily on personality – and surmise behavior based on this. But personality can only tell you so much. It can give you the what, but doesn’t necessarily give you a clear indication of why someone is behaving they way they are. This is why we utilize the Emergenetics assessment tool.

Emergenetics is an innovative way of looking at behavior and thought. The tool gives people a better understanding of themselves, their colleagues and clients. Emergenetics helps people make better business decisions, build stronger, more creative and productive teams, and communicate more effectively. We use this tool to give Hiring Managers a thorough understanding of what to expect from the candidates, how to maximize their capabilities, and how they will work with the team.In addition to using Emergenetics as a tool in the recruiting process, Executives Network has worked with organizations and their teams already in place to help increase performance within the team.

If you're interested in learning more about Emergenetics, give us a call at (720) 418-8180.