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When you enroll as a member in Executives Network, you are immediately connected to thousands of like-minded people who are looking for the same thing you are: an opportunity to identify and land an executive position that fits who you are and what you desire in a career.

Joining is simple. You’re either in need of an executive-level job (director, vp or c-level)…you are aware of positions that are available in your area…you have advice and experience in that regard…or all of the above. Your willingness to introduce yourself to your peers at our meetings and tell others how they can help you in your job search is all that we ask of you. From there, you can enroll in our Premier Membership program to expand the scope of your networking on a grander scale.

Strength in Numbers

Why, you might be wondering, would complete strangers be willing to help other complete strangers find the perfect job? The answer is a study in human nature, and it reaffirms the win-win, mutual back scratching philosophy of those who share a common goal.

Studies have shown that networks composed of newer, less intimate acquaintances – those with a weaker relationship to you – can actually be more effective than more intimate networks. Those who know you well would, so goes the theory, have already shared what they know about your field of interest and any opportunities on that landscape. They are already active in your network, and the connections are what they are. An expanded population of contacts within the Executives Network membership accesses untapped resources that reside beyond the grasp of whatever network you already have in place. In a world in which it’s who you know, rather than what you know, quantity trumps quality in terms of what your relationships can do for you.

This theory plays out in real life all the time, perhaps even in your own experience. Ask yourself how you found your last job. Odds are it was from a referral rather than an advertised job listing, and the odds are even greater that it came from an acquaintance rather than someone close to you. If you’re the exception to this, consider that lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice…but a great tip from an Executives Network member just might.

Meetings are held monthly in a centrally-located facility in your area. If you are not a member, you may attend and participate fully in the meetings for the Non-Member fee. If you are a Premium Member, attendance at the meetings is even more beneficial at the reduced Member fee. Meetings are professionally moderated and highly structured toward optimizing your time and investment return.

Networking at a Premium

Premium Members enjoy access to a national peer database with contact information, job search criteria and experience for all Executives Network members. They may also participate in affiliate programs and area-specific workshops and forums. Membership is available on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. Many members remain active after landing their dream job in order to help others and to keep their options open going forward.