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Changing the Game in Executive Search

Looking for talent? We can help.

Let’s face it. Finding the wrong people is easy because the hiring process is naturally saturated with resumes that tell you what you want to hear, and people who are likable and well-groomed.  But results can be painful, expensive, legally toxic and time consuming for the business.

Finding the right people is hard and involves uncovering weakness, validating strengths and most importantly analyzing fit based on more than just a 1-hour interview.  So how do you essentially find the real diamonds hidden among all the cubic zirconia?

Executives Network recognizes this challenge and has created methods to help its clients select organizational leaders (Director, VP and C-level) and create high performance teams. Quickly and efficiently.

We're not your typical executive search firm. In fact, our background is working for many years with executive leaders - understanding their businesses and most importantly, style and fit within an organization.  When you meet with us, the intricacies of your industry will already be known to us.  You won't need to waste a lot of your valuable time explaining the nature of business.  Chances are good, we already know many of your suppliers, buyers, customers and competitors. That vantage point also helps us also better position you to potential candidates.

We've figured out a way to move the assessment of style and fit right to the beginning of the process - just where it should be.  No more wasting time on candidates who appear to have the requisite skill and expertise, but in no way would actually fit within the culture and team dynamics of your organization.

International Focus

Our network is extremely strong, and we find that many of our customers include international firms - based outside the U.S. - who are looking to fill the gaps in their U.S.-based teams.

The process we developed was designed with your time in mind - minimizing unnecessary time spent with the wrong candidates - and focusing on maximizing time spent with the right candidates.

You'll be appreciative of the efficiency we've built into the process making it easier for you to manage the various time zones in which your decision makers may be.

A Network Like No Other

While every executive search firm says they have a network (and indeed they probably do), what's different about ours is that we actually have ongoing relationships with our network - not just when we have a particular search.  We meet with executives on an ongoing basis.  We spend time with them outside an actual hiring process.  That's when you really get to know them in order to adequately assess them.   Our network spans the country (as well as Europe/Asia).  Ultimately, though, what's important to you is finding the right person.  And that's why, for every search, we go out to the entire market to see who is the most competitive today (and not some past relationship we had that may or may not be worth your time).