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Frequently Asked Questions
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Are you a job posting service?
No.  If you're looking for a bunch of job postings (to waste your time), there are plenty of sites out there.  

Are you an Executive Recruiter?
Yes we are.  But you won't see us post job listings for positions that don't exist.  Maybe you're a perfect fit for one of the roles we're recruiting.  But if not, you will definitely benefit by participating in our EN | Workgroup.

It used to be that Executive Recruiters held the key to the next executive-level position. Those days are over. The majority of executive-level positions are secured through networking, and honestly, it's been this way for years. So, what's the value of being part of the network, then?

Well, in a job market driven by "it’s not what you know, but who you know,” we are the "who.”

Do you have job postings for members?
On occasion, we post a position or two in our Facebook Group for premium members to see.  But what's much better than a bunch of job postings are real live people who have connections in your functional area and your industry.  We facilitate the ability for you to access those people who can really help you in your job search.  Anyone may attend our meetings, but only members have access to this database.

How can someone who doesn’t have a job help someone else who doesn’t have a job?
The membership at Executives Network is composed of director-level, vp or c-level professionals. Which means, people come to the group with a personal and professional network and in-depth experiential knowledge of their market, their industry and the region. In other words, they have information that may be valuable to someone else in the group. The sharing of this information, in context to what they hear at the meetings and read in the database about the search parameters of other members, is the objective of the organization.

Do I need to reserve a spot at the meetings?
Yes, please go to the Event Calendar, and sign up for the next meeting. That being said, walk-ins are ALWAYS welcome!

How do I get my name into your database?
Just come to a meeting or sign up online.

Do I have to attend the meetings/workgroups in order to be part of the database?
No. Meeting/Workgroup attendance is up to you.  However, our meetings are where some of the most useful discussion and information exchange takes place. All members are encouraged to attend the meetings in the city in which they live as well as others throughout the U.S.

Are there other events or benefits for your members?
Yes, we occasionally have career workshops and membership forums, which usually entail a small fee. 

Feel free to contact Executives Network with any questions you may have at any time. Contact