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Looking for a captivating speaker or presenter who can tell your audience the real story on how to network more effectively?

And, are you ready to learn how to break the rules along the way?

Then invite Molly Wendell to be your keynote or workshop presenter!

Molly Wendell is one of the nation’s leading networking experts and author of two definitive books on networking, "The Networked Organization" and "The New Job Search: Break all the rules. Get connected. And get hired faster for the money you’re worth." She was once out of work for two years and three days before she realized breaking the rules, effectively networking and having interesting conversations were the keys to landing a new job. She then secured more than 30 job offers in just 90 days.

As President of Executives Network, she’s helped thousands land a new job.

Molly's been a regular presenter to the IBM Corporation. She’s also presented to KPMG, Silicon Valley Bank, Wells Fargo, Right Management, CSIX, Career Connections and many other organizations. When she’s not delivering keynote or workshop presentations, her expertise is being sought out by the news media. Molly’s been a guest on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC news programs nationwide, as well as many radio talk shows. 

So, if you’re ready to shake things up and look your way of working or doing business in a whole new light, then Molly Wendell is it.

To book Molly, e-mail or call (720) 418-8180.

Past Presentations

09/25/13:  Networking Made Easy[er], Probitas Partners, San Francisco, CA

04/25/13:  Networking Make Easy[er], Silicon Valley Bank, San Diego, CA


11/17/12:  Bunny Slippers are Evil, Blog Talk Radio

8/16/12:  Networking Strategies for the Job Search, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Atlanta, GA 6:30 pm.

7/30/12:  Meeting of the Minds, Leadership Training, Grass Valley, San Francisco, CA

7/19/12:  I'm Here to Network, Now What?, Leadership Summit, Silicon Valley Bank, Park City, UT

6/21/12:  I'm Here to Network, Now What?, Wyoming Business Tech Council
Gilette, WY

6/20/12:  I'm Here to Network, Now What?, Wyoming Business Tech Council
Sheridan, WY

5/9/12:  Networking Strategies in the Job Search, Merrill Lynch Executive Breakfast, New York, New York 

3/10/12:  Bunny Slippers are Evil, Blog Talk Radio,  10am EST 

2/27/12:  Networking Strategies in the Job Search, Discovery Job Network, St. Thomas Moore Church, Englewood, CO 

1/23/12:  Networking Strategies in the Job Search,  Roswell United Methodist Church, Roshwell, GA 

1/18/12:  Networking Strategies in the Job Search, Phoenix, AZ

1/13/12:  Networking Training, Ephox, Orlando FL

11/11/11:  Building Your Personal Brand, Grace Hopper Conference, Portland, OR   

10/12/11:  Networking for Your Job Search, Biz Rocket Radio, Atlanta, GA

10/3/11:  Relationship Building, KPMG, Houston, TX

9/26/11:  Networking to Your Next Job, Roswell Untied Methodist Church, 
Atlanta, GA

8/29/11:  I'm Here to Network , Now What?, University of Colorado, Business School, Denver, CO 

6/24/11:  Networking Your Way to a Job, Kettering Group, Atlanta, GA

3/15/11:  Networking Your Way to a Job, McDermott & Bull Executive Network,
San Francisco, CA

2/14/11:  EN Webinar - The Key to the Job Search Conversation:  It's about everyone BUT you!!  

2/16/11:  I'm Here to Network Now What?  Career Connectors, Phoenix AZ

1/20/11:  Networking Strategies That Work, ASU WP Carey School of Business, Tempe, AZ

1/17/11:  How to Turn Your Social Network into a Relationship Goldmine, iConnect, Cornerstone Church, Chandler AZ

1/12/11:  Job Search Strategies that Actually Work, Cornerstone Church,  Chandler AZ

06/10/10:  Networking 101, Central Phoenix Women, Phoenix, AZ 

5/13/10:  Career OnTrak LIVE!  IBM Corporation/Greater IBM Connection. New York City, NY.

5/18/10:  EN Webinar featuring Keith Ferrazzi  

4/09/10:  Molly & Friends - featuring Keith Ferrazzi,  IBM Corporation/Greater IBM Connection. New York City, NY.

3/30/10:  I'm Here to Network.  Now What?   Wells Fargo, Phoenix, AZ

3/23/10:  I'm Here to Network.  Now What?   Society of Certified Senior Advisors,

3/15/10:  2010 Women In Business.  Phoenix Business Journal, Phoenix, AZ 

3/11/10:  Career OnTrak LIVE!  IBM Corporation/Greater IBM Connection. New York City, NY.

3/10/10:  I'm Here to Network.  Now What?   Orange County Management Society, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 

2/3/10:  I'm Here to Network.  Now What?   Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association, Pepsi Center, Denver, CO

01/28/10 - Networking Strategies for the Job Search. AZ Management Society, Mesa, AZ.

12/10/09 - Career OnTrak LIVE! IBM Corporation/Greater IBM Connection. New York City, NY.

12/08/09 - Networking Strategies for the Job Search. CSIX, Cupertino, CA>

11/13/09 - Putting It All To Work:  The Experience. IBM Corporation/Greater IBM Connection. Webinar open to former and current IBM employees. 

11/11/09 - Networking Strategies for the Job Search. Right Management, San Francisco, CA.11/10/09 - Networking Strategies for the Job Search. Career Connections, Los Gatos, CA.

10/28/09 - Networking Strategies for the Job Search. Mesa LDS Institute of Religion, Mesa, AZ.

10/27/09 - Finding a Clear Perspective: Networking and Dealing with Employment Transition.TRIspective Group and Advisory Board Architects HR Advisors Group Meeting, Frontier Airlines Denver Headquarters, Denver, CO.

10/22/09 - Networking Strategies for the Job Search. TENG Meeting, Phoenix, AZ. 

10/15/09 - The Key to the Job Conversation: It's About Everyone BUT You!, IBM Corporation/Greater IBM Connection. Webinar open to former and current IBM employees.

10/14/09:  Networking Strategies for the Job Search. DBM Meeting, NYC, New York.

10/08/09:  I'm Here to Network. Now What? CSCMP/APICS, ASU SkySong, Phoenix, AZ.

09/10/09:  How to Turn Your Social Network Into a Relationship Goldmine. CoreNet - Phoenix Chapter, Phoenix, AZ.

08/20/09:  Career OnTrak: Networking Strategies for the Job Search. IBM Corporation/Greater IBM Connection. Webinar open to former and current IBM employees.

08/10/09 - Networking Your Way to a Job. Right Management - ExeConnect, Silicon Valley.Schedule Molly!

To schedule Molly for a keynote or workshop, e-mail or call (720)-981-3570."Insightful and catalytic."

What Others Say

"An enthusiastic, energetic and engaging speaker!"

"First class."

"Connects instantly with the audience."

"Dynamic and passionate."

"Engaging, thought provoking and fun."