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Keynotes and Workshops
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Molly Wendell makes a meeting planner's dream an instant reality. In addition to audiences instantly connecting with her, Molly's advice is relevant, compelling, and easy to implement for immediate results. 

She offers a variety of inspiring keynote and workshops. Molly is available to speak and/or teach at corporate meetings, general sales meetings, seminars, industry/association conferences, company kickoffs, and women's groups.

Molly’s "break-the-rules" approach to networking and the business world offers attendees a creative, fresh approach for finding that new job or securing new business — after years of doing it "by the rules” has produced limited results.

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable opening keynote, an after lunch eye-opener, or a bang-up closing to end your meeting on a high, Molly can deliver.

Her keynote and workshops include:


In this fast-paced, interactive session, your team will learn practical tools and techniques to get more referrals out of every networking event they attend. Networking is such a critical component for most professionals. Very few people have been trained in effective networking techniques. What they’ve been doing in the past may or may not be the most effective method to bring about better relationships.

What you'll learn...

Ideas, strategies, tools, techniques! More than you can imagine to get that little push they may need to get out there and build their network.
  • The Basics of Networking – and you’d be surprised how few people really know these!
  • How to Work an Event – both structured (seated meals) and unstructured (social/happy hours).
  • Getting a Meeting – with anyone you want.
  • Seven Pitfalls to Avoid – things everyone must NOT incorporate in their networking strategy.

I’m Here to Network. Now What?

Whether you’re in the job search or looking for new business, you know you need to be out there networking. However, finding the meeting or event and showing up is the easy part. What in the world do you do once you’re there?

Molly Wendell, the nation’s premier accessible networking expert, will share her innovative strategies, tips and "rule-breaking” techniques in this fast-paced, interactive session that will help you learn how to make the most of your networking — and turn mere acquaintances into real relationships for real results. 

You’ll learn how to:
  • Secure meetings with key decision makers
  • Build a network of key contacts
  • Make the best first impression. Leave a lasting impression
  • Avoid the seven job-search pitfalls
  • And ultimately land the position or client you want!
For job seekers, Molly’s "break-the-rules” approach offers enlightening — and sometimes hilarious — ready-to-use solutions for getting noticed and getting selected above the hundreds of other vying for that one open position. It’s incredibly timely advice for job seekers desperately seeking success.

Whether you want to give your business a jumpstart or try to land your next opportunity, you’ll be eons ahead of your competition by attending in this informative, interactive and entertaining session. If you want to learn how to network like a pro, this is the presentation you’ve been waiting for. 

"This is one workshop you must attend to assist you with your job search. Others have good info, but THIS IS A MUST!”

"This is so valuable….not just in finding the position that you want, but in building networks for success in your chosen field!”
"Molly is an authority on the networking topic. Her depth and breadth on the subject will always provide insight, regardless of your own proficiency.” 

"Molly is incredibly smart, articulate, and funny. Her session is a must do for anyone who needs to network.”

"Molly has great, practical ideas that will energize your job search. You'll walk away with so many ‘to do's’ and pumped up to network!”

"This has given me the courage to try new things after 10 months of being unemployed.”

"You must attend! It will transform your job search.”

"My concepts about networking were shattered!”

"Fantastic show, fantastic communicator, fantastic speaker! Molly is a straight shooter.” 

Networking Your Way to New Talent

Tired of the same old recruiting methods producing the same old dismal results? Looking for new techniques for quickly finding and securing key talent that will help your organization achieve its goals? Then this fast-paced, eye-opening session is just what you need to re-focus, re-energize and re-invent your recruiting methods.

You’ll learn:
  • A refreshing approach to identifying talent for your immediate hiring needs.
  • How to have talent lined up for your future needs.
  • Practical tools and techniques for getting more employee referrals out of every networking event you attend.
  • Build a network of key, referral-producing contacts
"Molly is a great instructor and she has great ideas on how to network correctly. I’ve been doing it wrong!"

"Great, informative session. Molly did an excellent job of keeping it entertaining as well as providing you with the tools to take your networking to another level."

"Molly is a very dynamic and entertaining presenter. You will laugh as you learn!"

"Molly’s energy and enthusiasm wakes you up to the realities of what is even possible when you put yourself out there and network!"