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Meet Molly Wendell, President of Executives Network

"If you’re looking for your next executive position, then I’ve been where you are now, and not all that long ago. In fact, I was in the job market when the group first formed in 2002. I had been out of work for about a year when I met Bob Schaninger at a job search meeting. Bob wanted to get a group together to talk about the job search. I went to this meeting, and was so impressed with the quality of the dialogue and contacts, that I kept going. A couple months in, Bob was close to landing a position. I wasn’t. So I volunteered to take over the reins – at least until everyone landed. Funny thing though, once someone would land, two more would join the group. As the group grew, I realized that the forum and conversation that resulted was far too important. When I finally did take a position, I negotiated time off to continue running the group.

I was so taken by the potential of the Executives Network business model and the impact it was having on lives, netting results that were otherwise nearly impossible to achieve, I decided to focus on it completely.


In 2009, Executives Network merged with a Denver-based organization called CXO.  CXO is an exclusive network of influential executives who are employed.  CXO became a place to go for executives who landed a position.


In the many years this network has been around, I’ve witnessed amazing successes, seen people’s lives change and dreams come true as the membership stepped up with vital and otherwise obscure information that resulted in new positions for their peers.

The future looks bright for Executives Network. Then again, that’s the business we’re in – the future. Not just ours, but yours, as well. I invite you to join us today.”