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While many companies do facilitation, very few are so skilled in not only understanding how people operate, but also in focusing on the relationship aspect that can help or hinder a team’s success.  Executives Network has a very clear understanding of relationships and what it takes to ensure your team is on the same page.  In addition to traditional assessments, we use innovative employee exercises that focus on team relationships and situational behaviors.

Keep in mind, not all tools are appropriate for every situation.  For each client, Executives Network customizes the right assortment of tools and workshops that will enable an organization to achieve its goals.

Here are some examples of the types of tools Executives Network utilizes:

  • Individual Intake Interview
  • Emergenetics Assessment
  • 1:1 Coaching (for select or all team members)
  • The Power of WE Team Workshop
  • Team Performance Assessment and Workshop
  • Trust Exercises
  • Quarterly Leadership Team Accountability

Individual Intake Interview

The individual intake session provides the framework for what each person on the team is experiencing. Through this conversation, we expect to have a clear understanding of what’s working, what’s not working, and what improvements each person would like to see in oneself as well as the other team members. This interview also sets the groundwork for expectations of the team session.

Emergenetics Assessment
A perfect brain is a perfect team.  Does your team have a perfect brain?

After running organizations and experiencing many different assessment tools, the team at Executives Network narrowed down the field to what’s really useful on an on-going basis.  We’re all busy – and having a 15-30 page analysis on every employee makes it a little difficult to be actionable.  Plus, many assessment tools focus primarily on personality – and infer behavior based on this.  But personality can only tell you so much.  It can give you the what, but doesn’t necessarily give you a clear indication of why someone is behaving the way they are.  This is why we utilize the Emergenetics assessment tool.

Emergenetics is an innovative way of looking at behavior and thought.  The tool gives people a better understanding of themselves, their colleagues and clients.  Emergenetics helps people make better business decisions, build stronger, more creative and productive teams, and communicate more effectively.  This tool gives you greater insight and a thorough understanding of what to expect from team members, how to maximize their capabilities, and how they will work within the team.

1:1 Coaching

Let's just say it right now. Coaching for one rarely works. Too many times, organizations use coaching as code to find a reason to remove someone from an organization. But if someone "needs" coaching, it's rarely just one person on the team. If that's the kind of coaching you're looking for, Executives Network is not the right firm to work with.

If, however, you're looking for the type of coaching that can help good team members become great, and help great team members identify one or two areas that will aid in their advancement, then Executives Network is definitely the firm to work with.

We take coaching very seriously, but it does not happen in a vacuum. Effective coaching is typically combined with other organizational/team performance to ensure its effectiveness.

Leveraging the Power of WE Team Workshop
Building on the framework of Emergenetics, Leveraging The Power of the WE Team (WE=Whole Emergenetics) provides a new window into thinking, behavior, collaboration, and action. It is the building block to generate high performance, combining an understanding of how to utilize cognitively diverse teams with an awareness of how to perform tasks in more creative, effective ways. Organizations can tap into both individual potential and team capacity to maximize results and take performance to unprecedented levels.

Team Performance Assessment and Workshop

The Team Performance assessment is a diagnostic tool to determine team accountability and effectiveness. Used in conjunction with the Emergenetics assessment, this helps teams learn how to harness individual strengths and how to apply them collectively to improve overall team performance. Teams identify potential challenges that are unique to their group, and develop strategies to overcome then, creating the balance that is crucial for sustaining high performance. The outcome of the Team Performance assessment will be the basis for the Team Performance Workshop.

These workshop sessions will be a combination of hands-on exercises as well as facilitated discussion around what’s working, what’s not and how to improve the team both constructively and effectively.

Trust Exercises
Trust is tricky. Some say it's one thing that matters. Some say it's the only thing that matters! Very few teams can even think to perform at their best if there's not complete trust within and among the team members. Sometimes pockets of trust exist between a subset of team members. Sometimes trust is lacking throughout. However, you can't just tell everyone to trust each other. That won't work. What will work, however, is identifying the underlying factors that are contributing to distrust and educating the team on the importance of not only earning trust, but extending it as well.  

Executives Network has a series of exercises to help build trust in teams which desperately need it, and helps reinforce trust in those teams which have a foundation.

Quarterly Leadership Team Accountability
You come to your Executive Offsite with all these great visions and plans of what needs to be done to get your organization on track. Then, you walk out with an Excel file that, quite honestly, no one ever looks at again.

Well, times have changed, and so should your approach.

Executives Network is proud to offer Quarterly Leadership Team Accountability Sessions. These sessions take place each quarter following your offsite. During the session, we'll go through your action items and ensure everyone is delivering on their commitments. But it doesn't stop there. We work together on areas that were identified in the offsite - tools to help your team grow as leaders. Tools to help you with your organization. Tools to help everyone be better together!

What will work for you?
Again, not every tool is right for every situation.  Executives Network works with you to identify the team performance issues and creates the right assortment of tools and workshops that will enable you to achieve your goals.